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Buy To Let


Thinking of buying an investment property in Liverpool? Look no further...




Buy to Let is exactly as it sounds - you buy a property, and rent it out. It's not a quick way to make money, so don't be fooled, but more of a long-term investment. Becoming a landlord is essentially running a small business, that is fully equipped with many legal responsibilities. 


To buy residential property that you wish to rent out, you can use cash, or you can take out a 'buy to let mortgage' by putting a smaller cash deposit down and lending the money. Many landlords and investors choose to use mortgages, but with mortgages come risks. If you need to sell the property, the sale price might not cover what is owed on the property - and you, in turn, would be required to make up the shortfall. Alternatively, if the tenants are not paying the rent - or vacate and there is no rental income, you still need to make your mortgage payments... 


On the flip side - rental yields vary greatly across the country. But the North West is high in demand, with properties in Liverpool looking extremely attractive at the moment with yields of up to almost 10%. Recent research suggests that L1, L2, L5, L7 and L15 take up spots in the top 20 for the best rental yields across the UK. 


What better time to consider investing in Liverpool than now? Call us NOW to discuss what properties we have on the market that you could invest in, or to find out more about our Lettings packages! 

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