Liverpool's Landlord Licensing Scheme

Liverpools Landlord Licensing scheme means that from 01st April 2015 all private landlords in the city must apply for a licence for each of their rented properties. 

The scheme is being introduced in Liverpool under the government’s selective licensing laws and signing up for it is compulsory.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

The scheme will ensure that licensed landlords in the city are ‘fit and proper’. Before they are granted a licence they will be asking landlords to declare convictions for dishonesty, violence or drug-related offences, or breaches of housing or landlord and tenant laws.

Licensed landlords’ properties must meet fire, electric and gas safety standards and be in a good state of repair. Licensed landlords must be able to deal effectively with any complaints about their tenants.

Are there any exemptions?

Properties with an HMO License are exempt. There are also a number of other circumstances which may mean you do not have licence a property.  

How much will a licence cost?

The fees below are for online applications only. They will help landlords who don’t want to apply online, but they will have to charge a fee for doing so. 

First property: £400 
Each additional property: £350
Properties in an approved scheme: £200

What are approved schemes?

The rate of £200 per property is available to members of the CLASS Accredited Landlord Scheme and other organisations that are approved under our co-regulation initiative. If you are a member of a professional association, please check with them if they are signed up to co-regulation.

Membership of approved schemes must be held for the duration of the five-year licence period – full fees will be charged if not.

You can apply clicking HERE

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